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Being it employee or customer, Kroger makes sure that everyone related to the organization is satisfied by all means.

But whether the customer is satisfied or not having that knowledge is also important and for gaining that knowledge customer needs to provide their inputs to Kroger in the form of feedback and sharing their experience.

Customers share their feedback with Kroger and Kroger always tries to resolve all the issues raised by their customers. It is not always that customers can only provide feedback, even employees can provide their feedback because every employee associated with Kroger means a lot to the organization and Kroger knows that for making customers satisfied first employees need to be satisfied.

Employees can also provide their feedback or any concern they want to highlight through the online portal of Kroger named MyLifeAtKroger. All the employees are considered on priority and the management always tries to provide the best output or solution for any kind of concern raised by the employee.

Once the employees are satisfied organization believes that they become more productive and provides better services to customers. In case still, the customer is not satisfied with something somewhere in the organization they also can raise a concern through the feedback form.

But Kroger always makes sure that they provide value to each and every employee and its associate so that no one feels that they are not taken into consideration. It is not that the organization is running these employees and customers, in fact, Kroger believes that it is the employees and customers who are running Kroger.

And providing these kinds of value and consideration to each one associated with Kroger is one of the reasons that the company has earned its name so well that it has now become a household name for every locale in the US. Where ever you go, you will find one or the other product with the brand name as Kroger.


If you are an employee working at Kroger you can easily provide your feedback or raise your concern in case any, just by log in to the portal MyLiFeAtKroger.

Steps followed will be:

STEP 1: Visit the link: https://www.mylifeatkroger.com


STEP 2: Select the desired description or category you can say, that is suitable for your profile. Few descriptions available in the dropdown will be:

  • Current Associate
  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Retiree
  • Severance

STEP 3: Once you selected the desired description, you will be redirected to the Login page where just enter your valid credentials and you can log in.

STEP 4: Just enter your valid Enterprise ID and password and then you can enter any raise any concern or even if anything else you want from the organization through this portal.

In case the employee forgot his credentials this portal also provides the option to reset all the credentials and log in.


Customer satisfaction is a thing that is considered on priority by Kroger, and if the customer wants any kind of improvement in the services offered by Kroger, they can provide their valuable feedback anytime.

For providing feedback, the customer just needs to follow a few simple steps as below:

STEP 1: Visit the official site of the Kroger feedback survey. For visiting the official site just type Kroger Feedback survey or you can just click on the below link:


STEP 2: Once this link is clicked you will be able to see a feedback form on your display screen.

STEP 3: The first thing you need to enter in this form is the date of your visit (the date on which you have made a purchase from the Kroger store)

STEP 4: The next thing you need to enter is the time of your visit, in case you don’t remember the exact time of your visit you can cross verify the same from the bill or receipt of your purchase.

STEP 5: The third and most important thing you need to enter is the entry ID. Whenever you visit any Kroger store or order anything online from the Kroger store you will be provided with a receipt which will be having the Entry ID. You need to enter the entry Id in the third tab.

Once you have provided all these details you are good to go ahead with the feedback survey, Kroger welcomes every kind of feedback, suggestion, improvement or changes needs to be done for making customers happy and satisfied.

Not only employees and customers but also the partners associated with the Kroger for online supply of products are also allowed to provide feedback in case they need any changes in the kind of association they are having with Kroger.

Kroger might not be able to reply to each customer and employee associated with them instantly but it always makes sure that it gives a response. It might take time since the quantity of feedback or response from employees as well as customers must be high but they are never wasted. Each and every feedback provided is valuable and worth every word.

Most surveys have noticed that everyone who is part of the Kroger family is happy and wants to remain its part since everyone is aware of the kind of loyalty offered by an organization for its employees.

People are now very much aware that Kroger takes care of its employee not only when they are working but few kinds of benefits are offered even if they leave the organization, this builds a huge trust of the employees and make them feels like once associated with Kroger they will remain part of this family for life long.

And this kind of feeling of employees has only made Kroger grow so long. Now more than 400 thousand employees are part of the Kroger family and almost every house has at least one product from the Kroger brand which is a great achievement for the organization and motivates the organization to grow more and more.