Taco Bell Customer feedback Survey


TACO BELL Customer Feedback Survey

One of the largest running fast food restaurant chain in America Taco bell always ensures that the kind of service and the product they are serving is making the customer happy and satisfied.

TACO Bell serves more than 2 billion customers every year and as the number of customers increases their demand and change in taste also increase. Serving these many customers is not an easy task and TACO Bell always ensures that they maintain the quality and quantity of their restaurants well enough to satisfy each and every customer.

But to ensure that the product they are selling is of good quality, Taco takes timely feedback from customers. Customers also feel relaxed that they can easily contact the helpdesk and raise their concerns or issues in case they find any with the products of TACO BELL.


How to take Taco Bell Survey? 

STEP 1: Visit the online site of TACO BELL and for visiting the site just search for TACO BELL Survey or click on the link – https://www.tellthebell.com

STEP 2: Once the page is loaded, you will able to see the survey page.

Enter the 16-digit survey code in the field provided. The 16-digit survey code will be available in the receipt taken from the restaurant.

If any customer is not able to see the survey code in their receipt, they just need to click on the link for survey code and provide details there.


Link to visit survey code details is: https://www.tellthebell.com

By clicking on this link, the customer will be redirected to a page where few mandatory details will be asked as follows:

  • Store Number: TACO Bell is serving n number of customers from n number of stores, some of which might be having an almost similar name.
  • Keeping the customer on the safe side and avoiding any kind of confusion each restaurant is allocated with a store number which is mentioned in the receipt offered by the restaurant.
  • Enter the store number mentioned in the receipt in the first field.
  • Date: Multiple customers visit the store every day, so entering the Store number is not enough. Customer needs to enter the date in which they visited the restaurant of TACO BELL.
  • Time: The third and the most important factor you need to enter is the time of the visit to the store.
  • Remembering the exact time is not easy, so you can get the time from the receipt.
  • The time in the receipt is mentioned in the HH/MM/SS format and customer needs to enter it in the same format which makes it easy for the server to calculate and find the survey number of that particular customer.

Once all the details are entered then click on the start button and you can start taking the survey.

STEP 3: User will then be redirected to the survey page, where he or she can provide their respective feedback regarding their visit to TACO Bell store.

The first question among all will be the level of satisfaction from TACO store you visited. It says that “How was your experience in TACO store” You can answer this simple question just by marking any one of the following five answers:

  1. Highly satisfied
  2. Satisfied
  3. Average (Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied)
  4. Dissatisfied
  5. Highly Dissatisfied

Based on the option you selected the next question will be, “What was your order type”, In this, you will be getting 3 options:

  1. Dine-in (Select this if you have done dinner in the TACO BELL Restaurant)
  2. Drive-thru (If have ordered in your car only)
  3. Carry out (Select this if you have taken the food from store to home or ordered something online)

Once, the above two questions are answered. The next will be a list of Questioners where you need to select your respective answers from the multiple options available. This will include:

  •  The behavior of team members
  • Order quantity and quality
  • Cleanliness of restaurant
  • Service provided


The next question asked in the queue will be, “Did you experienced any kind of issue or problem during your visit to TACO Bell restaurant”. Select your answer as YES in case you faced any problem, otherwise select NO.

In case you have faced any problem, in the next question you need to mention “if the problem was resolved by the team members or not”. If it was resolved how well they resolve it mention that and if you did not mention the problem to team members then you can select N/A.

Now the main part of feedback survey arsis, in this part based on the above answers you will be asked to provide your opinion regarding whatever you felt when visiting the TACO store.

You can mention your overall experience and give details of what needs to be done in order to improve customer satisfaction. In case you felt that there need to be some changes in the kind of services they are providing you can mention the same also.

The feedback form does not end here, still, there are some questions which needs to be answered.

The next question which will appear in front of you will be “Did you Purchased a Hard-Shell TACO product”. By hard shell taco, the organization is referring to any kind of meat or flesh here.

Now, the end and interesting part of feedback survey arsis where a customer needs to be sure that they are a legal resident of the US and are above the age of 18 years.

And if so then they can take part in sweepstakes. If the customer is interested, need to select the option as yes and if not select no.

If the customer selects the last option as NO, the feedback ends their only. But if the customer selects the feedback as YES, then they will be asked to fill a feedback form where they need to enter a few details like:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Phone number

Once, these details are entered you are now registered to the Sweepstakes held by TACO and details will be sent by TACO on the number you provided.

TACO really appreciates the time customers takes for providing their valuable feedback and always get in touch with the customer in case they faced any issue. They always try to implement any kind of changes asked by a customer whether in a particular restaurant or in overall TACO Bell Store.


Reference Links

  1. Talk To Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.talktotb.com
  2. Taco Bell Customer Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules: www.tellthebell.com/PContent.aspx?Page=Rules
  3. Taco Bell Official Site: www.tacobell.com

Contact Taco Bell:

  • Taco bell customer service number: 1 (800) 822-6235, 1-949-863-4500 
  • Taco Bell Headquarters: 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618
  • Email: https://www.tacobell.com/contact-us
  • Taco Bell Headquarters
  • 1 Glen Bell Way
  • Irvine, CA 92618.

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