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Kroger: One of the largest sellers, as well as one of the largest supermarket chains of daily goods and services in the US, is following a simple motto since it was established: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.”

It is one of the most important reasons that the company has grown in so many directions so well that everyone who is staying in the US is having Kroger as a household name.

The company was established in the early 1950s and has continued to grow its impression with good quality products and services from then to now. It was the first supply chain to offer groceries and meat.

Kroger makes its own goods and products and does not supply any kind of goods form the other brands or you can say the third party.

Kroger always sells the tried and tested product, which is always of the best quality so that their customers never feel disappointed but in order to succeed further it is always important to know the changing taste of the growing customers and for that purpose, only Kroger has provided the KROGER FEEDBACK form.

With the help of this form, Kroger allows customers to provide their inputs on improving the products they are selling. Different customers have different taste and the company believes in variety. With these feedbacks provided by customers, Kroger tries to meet the satisfaction level of customers in a variety of forms.

Now some people must not be aware of how to provide feedback to Kroger. For them below are the few simple steps they need to follow and they can provide their valuable suggestions.

STEP 1: Visit the official feedback link of Kroger.

For visiting the official feedback link click on

STEP 2: Enter the details of the last visit to the store.

Whenever you will visit any Kroger store, you will be getting a receipt which will be having the date and particular time at which you visited the store and an Entry ID. Enter all these details and proceed to the next step of the feedback survey.

STEP 3: Click on the START button

Once you have provided all the details in the form from the receipt you are having, click on the START button.

STEP 4: Provide your honest and valuable feedback

Now, this is the most important part of the feedback survey, providing your valuable, honest and helpful feedback and suggestions in order to improve the quality of goods and services provided by Kroger.

Once the feedback survey is completed, everyone participating will be rewarded with some amount which can be used in another purchase from Kroger and has a validity of a good time period.


As every organization has some rules, Kroger also follows some of the basic rules for participating in the survey, rules are as follows:

  1. The age of the participant must be above 18.
  2. The feedback of the product you are providing must be bought within the last 7 days. Basically, you can take the feedback survey within 7 days of purchase done.
  3. The person taking the feedback survey must be a legal resident of the US.
  4. The person taking the feedback survey must not have any kind of blood relation with any of the employee associated with Kroger.

This feedback survey is conducted by Kroger to make a daily connection with customers, in case customers are not finding any means to connect directly with the company they can connect through this feedback form.

This feedback form from every customer is considered n priority by the company. Since customer satisfaction is the first thing which is considered in Kroger, they always try to maintain a good relationship with the customer and their needs are valued most.

Kroger has done tie up with different big brands, one of which is British online grocer Ocado (OCDO.L) not for the products but for the delivery services, sometimes it is not possible for a customer to visit the store. For that purpose, Kroger is serving door-to-door facilities to its customer now.

This was declared as one of the most transformative partnerships by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Kroger as it makes everything easy for customers. On one click everything is delivered home.

Now, there are few questions that come to the mind of customers sitting at home and ordering online. Few questions are as below:

1. Will the product delivered be original?

2. If the customer does not like the delivered product will Kroger return the same?

3. Will customer ordering online be able to provide feedback also?

Will the product delivered be original?

Yes, its 100% guaranteed by Kroger that any product ordered online from their store will be original. Trust is one of the important factors in growing customers and running a business and Kroger knows this factor very well.

Kroger always verifies products multiple times before delivering so there is no chance of delivering any fake product.

If the customer does not like the delivered product will Kroger return the same?

Customer satisfaction is a priority here, so if in case the customer is not satisfied with the delivered order, they can easily return the product without any hassle. There is even replacement of product available if the customer wants to replace the order rather than returning it that is also possible.

Will customer ordering online be able to provide feedback also?

Definitely Yes, the customer ordering online can also provide their feedback by visiting the feedback link. It’s not necessary that you need to visit the Kroger store only before providing the feedback.

When the order is delivered customer will get one bill or receipt having details of the order purchased with the help f that customers can fill the feedback survey.

Exciting prizes of Kroger Feedback survey form

Kroger feedback survey comes with many exciting gifts and prizes from time to time and always makes it good and happening for customers to join the feedback. You just need to keep an eye on the feedback survey link for having details on the exciting prizes.

Since every customer is valuable, Kroger never makes customers dissatisfied from their end they always potentially try their best to implement whatever is the current need of a growing market and making customers happy.

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