who owns rap snacks


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James Lindsay

Who is the CEO of Rap Snacks?

With the help of family and friends, Lindsay gathered together $40,000 to start Rap Snacks, and in his first meeting with a distributor he sold 800 cases, which sold out in two hours. “ I kinda knew then, hey, I might have something here,” Lindsay says. Rap Snacks grew into a $5 million business, but temporarily plateaued due to the smaller …

Where are Rap Snacks made?

Aug 05, 2007 · Romeo Miller is following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his father Percy “Master P.” Miller, as the 18-year-old rapper/actor recently purchased Rap Snacks Inc., a popular potato chip brand.

What is Raprap snacks?

Jan 31, 2020 · Rap Snacks Founder James Lindsay shares what’s new with Rap Snacks. It seems like out of nowhere, potato chip bags with rap artists on the packaging suddenly popped up on our favorite corner store…

Who is the mascot of Rap Snacks?

Feb 15, 2022 · Master P and Snoop Dogg have entered a 50/50 partnership with Rap Snacks. Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, serves as the company’s co-founder, alongside CEO and co-founder James Lindsey.

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Does Master P Own Rap Snacks?

Rap Snacks co-founder Master P has brought fellow Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg on as a new brand ambassador to create Snoop Dogg Icon Chips, according to BET. “Don’t nobody have more chips than me.Feb 8, 2022

Does Rick Ross own Rap Snacks?

Rick Ross is the definition of a businessman, and his partnership with fellow entrepreneur James Lindsay, CEO of Rap Snacks, further cements his position in the business world.Oct 18, 2021

Does Boosie own Rap Snacks?

Hip-Hop artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Boosie Badazz, Lil Baby, Fabolous, Cardi B, Romeo Miller, Lil Yachty and Rick Ross all have their own bag of chips.Mar 30, 2022

Who is James Lindsay Rap Snacks?

James Lindsay is a highly successful Miami-based entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Rap Snacks.

How many flavors of Rap Snacks are there?

Introducing Cardi B – OFFICIAL RAP SNACKS. Rap Snacks is proud to welcome Cardi B to the Rap Snacks family with 4 new flavors! Honey Drip Butter Popcorn, Jerk BBQ Wavy Chips, Habanero Hot Cheese Popcorn and Cheddar Bar-B-Que Potato Chips. All 4 flavors will be available in a store near you and online soon.

Is Rap Snacks Black Owned?

EatNom discovered Rap Snacks — a black-owned company developed from the creative mind of James Lindsay. The CEO of Rap Snacks, James Lindsay, was very passionate about food and music growing up in Philadelphia.

What is Master P’s net worth 2020?

Master P is an American rap mogul, entrepreneur, and film producer who has a net worth of $200 million.

Does Master P have his own noodles?

2), Master P posted a video of himself in the kitchen eating his own brand of Cream Chicken Gumbo-flavored noodles, which served as a promotional video for the No Limit Records mogul’s new Rap Noodles product launch. According to P, if you aren’t eating rap noodles, then you shouldn’t be eating noodles at all.Mar 18, 2022
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Who is the mascot of Rap Snacks?

Rap Snacks’ original mascot was MC Potato, but he was replaced with actual hip hop musicians after a year of production following a deal with Universal Records to feature the label’s artists. One of the first bags featured the New Orleans rapper then known as Lil Romeo (now he’s just Romeo Miller. Also, yes, he is Master P’s son), …

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Do Boosie’s chips taste like rap?

Boosie’s spicy chips don’t taste like much until a slow burn blooms into full-on fire. Rap Snacks’ real value is its aesthetic in packaging. Early bags featured stylized photos or cartoon versions of rappers, though the designers and artists vary.

What are Romeo’s chips like?

Courtesy of Rap Snacks. The chips themselves, it should be said, are standard fare. Romeo’s barbecue chips are like your typical barbecue potato chip but slightly sweeter. Fabolous’s cheesy chips have ridges and are a bit like SunChips basted in oil and rolled in cheese dust.