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DC originally stood for “Droors Clothing”, but since the sale of Droors Clothing, DC no longer has ties to Droors and is simply DC Shoes, Inc. On March 8, 2004, DC Shoes was acquired by Quiksilver in an $87 million transaction.

Who is the CEO for DC Shoes?

Oct 17, 2021 · Danny Way founded the company. Athletes were sponsored until 2016 by DC Shoes, a company that evolved into this brand. Rob has been working for DC Shoes since 1995. Additionally to DC Shoes, Silver Trucks (a company he founded), Monster Energy, and “EASkate” sponsored him.


Who is the owner of DC Shoe Company?

2004: DC Shoes is acquired by Quicksilver for $87 Million, helping the company reach $1 Billion in revenue. 2005 : Ken Block begins a career as a rally car …

Who was the founder of DC Shoes?

Image Credit: X Games on Twitter: “Travis Pastrana owns 11 #XGames gold …

Who is DC Shoes owned by?

Boardriders, Inc
DC Shoes
Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Huntington Beach, California, United States
Key people Ken Block, Damon Way, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek
Products Footwear, apparel, snowboards
Parent Boardriders, Inc.

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What is Rob Dyrdek’s connection to DC Shoes?

Rob Dyrdek has a castle made of sneakers. The former DC Shoes pro rider, face of the brand, and designer was part of the company from 1995 to 2015, attaching himself to a large portion of DC’s output in some way or fashion.Oct 28, 2021

Does Rob Dyrdek own SLS?



Founded by pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek in 2010, Street League Skateboarding (SLS) was created to foster growth, popularity, and acceptance of street skateboarding worldwide.


What skateboards does Rob Dyrdek own?

the Street League Skateboarding (SLS)
Dyrdek is the founder of the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) skateboard competition enterprise, which has become an international event.
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Is Rob Dyrdek a good guy?

Dyrdek, a former professional skateboarder, is an actor, producer, and reality television personality. During his career, he has appeared in reality shows including “Ridiculousness,” “Rob & Big,” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.”

What are the best DC Shoes?

Reviewers report that DC Switch S shoes are comfortable enough to wear for over 12 hours and still feel good. Their plush OrthoLite insoles were also highly praised by many. These casual skate shoes also received excellent feedback regarding the colorways.

Who is DC shoes?

Introduction. This is the startup story of DC Shoes, a global action sports brand focused on footwear. The company was started by two friends while attending community college classes. Within 10 years, the company had reached sales of $100 Million when it was sold to Quicksilver in 2004 for $87 Million.

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Who started DC shoes?

DC Shoes Founders. DC Shoes was started by Damon Way and Ken Block after the two met during a community college class and launched a series of startups. The two friends started Eightball clothing, Blunt Magazine, Type A Snowboards, and Droors clothing over the subsequent years. Droors Clothing then became DC Shoes in 1993.