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Is 1440 a reliable news source?

What began as an email among 78 friends is now enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers each day. 1440 is an independent, employee-owned company, not affiliated with any larger media outlet. Join our community today.

Who is behind 1440 news?

Apr 30, 2022 · Although not readily transparent, the newsletter and website are owned by 1440 Media LLC. Revenue is derived through advertising and sponsored content. Analysis / Bias. In review, 1440 provides daily curated news stories that can be found on the website under “Digest” or delivered to your email by signing up for free.

Is 1440 News really unbiased?

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Is 1440 news legit?

To wit, the founders of 1440 left high-octane roles in Washington and Wall Street to see the project through. Their vision to foster conversations between a bitterly divided America, rather than wedging it further apart, was then (and now remains) ambitious. Nevertheless, 1440’s meteoric growth speaks for itself.

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Who is behind 1440 news?

Ad Fontes Media
Formation 2018
Founder Vanessa Otero
Legal status Active
Products Media Bias Chart

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Who owns the daily digest?

News Digest
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Gidado Yushau Shuaib
Publisher Youths Digest Publishers Ltd
Founded 28 March 2018
Language English language

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When did 1440 news start?

The pair left their careers and launched 1440 in 2017. What started off as an email among 78 of their friends now boasts over 900,000 subscribers, who turn to 1440 for a five-minute fix of culture, science, sports, politics, business, and more.

What does 1440 stand for?

The number is 1,440, and it represents the number of minutes there are in a day. If used as a reminder at the right time, this number will help you stop wasting time and increase your productivity. Amazingly, it can do the same for your employees and fellow members of your team.Nov 7, 2016

What was happening in 1440?

February 21 – The Prussian Confederation is formed. April 9 – Christopher of Bavaria is elected King of Denmark. April – Murad II lays siege to Belgrade. The city is heavily damaged, but the defenders’ use of artillery prevents the Turks from capturing the city.

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