Here are the top 10 colleges in the US renowned for attracting female students who excel academically and radiate both intelligence and beauty!


When it comes to choosing a college, factors like academic reputation, tuition fees, and faculty credentials often take a back seat to a more primal concern for many prospective students: which campus boasts the most attractive women?

Both male and female students recognize that their highest-ranked peers tend to be remarkably attractive. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that these women are not just visually appealing; they also excel academically, engaging in rigorous study and academic writing.


Exploring topics for argumentative essays can shed light on the complex interplay between beauty, intellect, and societal expectations in higher education. While their outward appearance may catch the eye, it’s crucial to recognize their intellectual capabilities and dedication to their studies.

Beauty transcends conventional definition and eludes precise measurement. If the women at your college inspire poetic musings and love songs, you might wonder if it’s possible to quantify and rank their appeal.


Fear not, for College Magazine has meticulously curated a list of the top 10 colleges with exceptional women, considering not only physical attractiveness but also intelligence, athleticism, campus involvement, and philanthropic contributions. This list showcases the brightest and most accomplished women in colleges across the nation.

In surveys of top-ranked colleges, both male and female students agree that their female peers are highly attractive. Below, you’ll find the full list of the top 10 colleges—some comprising entire university systems—with the most stunningly beautiful women:

Top 10 Colleges in the USA With the Most Attractive and Hottest Girls

1. University of California, Los Angeles

Katy Perry hit the nail on the head when she sang about California girls being unforgettable, and UCLA girls embody this sentiment both literally and figuratively. With an average of 284 days of sunshine per year and a newly established beach volleyball team, you’re bound to spot daisy dukes and bikinis aplenty.

Despite their athletic prowess—UCLA boasts numerous NCAA Championships—they’re equally dedicated to their academic pursuits, hitting the books with the same fervor they bring to the softball field.

In UCLA’s law school, the ratio of attractive women to men is notably high, and the average GPA required for admission is an impressive 4.18. Given the competitive admissions process, it’s no surprise that the school’s 14 sororities are deeply committed to giving back to the community.

For instance, the Tri-Delts showcase their culinary talents by hosting pancake breakfasts to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Additionally, they organize various fundraisers, including capture the flag tournaments, ultimate Frisbee competitions, and flag football matches, all aimed at supporting charitable causes.

Finding a partner who not only maintains a fit lifestyle, cooks delicious pancakes, but also contributes to charitable endeavors? It might be time to start shopping for that engagement ring.

2. Florida State University

Florida State University (commonly known as Florida State or FSU) is a public research university situated in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. As a space-grant and sea-grant institution, FSU is recognized for its extensive research activities, classified as having very high research activity by the Carnegie Foundation.

The university is comprised of 16 distinct colleges and over 110 centers, labs, and institutes, offering a diverse range of more than 300 programs of study, including professional programs.

While Florida State’s athletic performance may have waned in recent years, the university still boasts some of the most attractive women in the nation. Notably, FSU is home to dedicated fans like Jenn Sterger, known for her passionate support of the Seminoles football team.

The warm climate of Florida provides ample opportunities for students to enjoy the sunshine, although it can sometimes prove to be a distraction during the summer months. Nonetheless, few individuals are inclined to complain about the abundance of sunshine.

3. University of Miami, Florida

The University of Miami, affectionately known as “the U,” attracts thousands of college applicants across America, and who can blame them? With year-round warm weather in Coral Gables, Florida, it’s an ideal destination for those who enjoy basking in the sun. Often described as living in a tropical paradise, the campus environment perfectly complements the climate.

Boasting a student population of around 14,000, Miami University strikes a balance between being neither too large nor too small. It prides itself on its diversity, reflecting the vibrant cultural mosaic of its Miami suburb location. For students seeking an active nightlife and a fervent college football scene, Miami University offers an enticing blend of academics and extracurriculars.

In a nod to modern dating culture, Tinder data shared with Business Insider revealed that the University of Miami ranks second among college campuses with the highest number of right-swiped females. This suggests a thriving dating scene and adds another layer of excitement to the college experience.

4. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF) boasts a campus teeming with stunningly attractive women. With an impressive 233 sunny days per year and a student body exceeding 60,000, it’s no surprise that beautiful women sporting short shorts are a common sight.

UCF junior Joey Flores highlights the diversity of styles among the student body, from country girls to city girls, catering to every guy’s preference. Beyond their striking appearance, UCF girls are actively engaged in community service, often volunteering their time when not enjoying outings to places like Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA.

In a departure from traditional pre-gaming for Halloween festivities, UCF’s Greek life organizes “Trick or Treat on Greek Street,” an event where children from the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida trick-or-treat at sorority and fraternity houses. Additionally, sorority women at UCF maintain an impressive average GPA of 3.4, demonstrating their commitment to academic excellence.

Programs like the Young Women Leaders Program further showcase their dedication to nurturing the next generation of female leaders. Pairing young girls with college mentors, affectionately called “bigs,” these programs provide guidance on self-love and leadership skills, offering invaluable support during the tumultuous years of adolescence.

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) stands as one of the largest universities in the nation, boasting a student body exceeding 63,000 across its four campuses. With a nearly equal gender distribution of 48 percent men and 52 percent women, as well as a substantial undergraduate diversity rate of 26 percent, ASU embodies inclusivity and representation.

The university’s allure extends beyond its abundant sunshine, with its female students securing a total of 13 NCAA championships. Yet, it’s not just their athletic achievements that garner attention; ASU women are also recognized for their unwavering activism.

Highlighted in local media, these remarkable individuals have journeyed to places like Syria to provide aid and have contributed to the construction of a hydraulics lab in Kenya. Despite their impactful community work, they remain dedicated to their academic pursuits.

In a testament to their intellect and drive, sorority women at ASU achieved a higher GPA than the overall female GPA in 2014. This underscores that intelligence is a defining trait within organizations often associated with social events. These women epitomize not just potential life partners, but future CEOs. Is there anything they can’t accomplish?

6. East Carolina University

East Carolina University is renowned as one of the most vibrant and exciting colleges worldwide, celebrated for its lively party culture, notably hosting the most epic Halloween bash imaginable.

Come October, the campus transforms into a hub of exhilarating festivities, with Halloween weekend serving as a pinnacle event drawing alumni back for the unforgettable celebrations.


But it’s not just about the parties; East Carolina University boasts an alumni roster filled with some of the most stunningly beautiful women, including a Bachelor contestant winner and a Miss USA winner.

For those who prefer alternative forms of entertainment, the university offers a plethora of options, from cheering on the Pirates at football games to participating in free campus activities.

Students can also unwind by catching a movie at the on-campus theater, hitting the beach, or exploring the diverse culinary scene in Greenville.

School spirit permeates every corner of the campus, ensuring that you’ll be immersed in a sea of purple and gold pride from day one. Are you prepared to fully embrace the ECU experience and bleed purple and gold?

7. University of Alabama

At the University of Alabama, history, football, revelry, and school spirit converge to create a dynamic campus environment. Spanning a vast expanse akin to a city, the campus fosters a palpable sense of community, ensuring that you feel connected no matter where you roam.

Renowned for its meticulously maintained and picturesque grounds, Alabama’s campus is a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence. Alumni frequently return to show their unwavering support for their alma mater, further enriching the campus experience.

With a gender distribution of 55 percent female and 45 percent male, students enjoy a diverse and vibrant social scene. Women on campus are actively engaged in a variety of activities throughout the week, with Wine Wednesday emerging as a popular favorite.

Here, students can enjoy complimentary entry with their student ID and indulge in as much wine as their hearts desire. Those enrolled at the University of Alabama are united by a shared desire for enjoyment and camaraderie, making every moment a memorable one.

8. Pepperdine University

It’s no wonder that Pepperdine University’s women have earned a spot on this list—they’re simply stunning. Nestled in Miami, they have ample opportunities throughout the year to hit the beach and soak up the sun, maintaining their radiant tans. Pepperdine excels not only in academics but also in the arts, volunteering, and athletics.

These women are incredibly athletic, despite the absence of a football team to cheer for on Saturdays. With seventeen NCAA Division 1 teams, Pepperdine has produced nearly fifty students who have competed in the Olympics, with six of them proudly bringing home gold medals. Athletics are taken seriously at this institution.

Pepperdine also offers a promising path to graduation, boasting an extensive alumni network with thirty-two chapters across the United States and abroad. With such a robust network, staying connected after graduation couldn’t be easier.

9. Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University (TCU) may not have a minimum GPA requirement for admission, but make no mistake— the women at this institution are not only attractive but also highly accomplished.

Many of them ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class, showcasing both beauty and brains that can easily convert any guy into a Horned Frogs fan.

One notable perk for TCU students is the annual free concert, featuring renowned and talented artists. For those inclined to flirt with women at concerts, this event is not to be missed.

However, if you’re disinterested in football and prefer a laid-back lifestyle, TCU may not be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you relish Greek life, enjoy the vibrant city of Fort Worth, revel in partying, and appreciate athletics, then TCU is the perfect fit.

Contrary to popular belief, TCU’s student body is not predominantly Texan, with a significant representation from California and Arizona adding to the campus’s diversity.

10. Pennsylvania State University

Prepare to uncover the secrets behind the nickname “Happy Valley,” the college town surrounding Penn State. Here, you’ll discover a haven where caring, intelligent, and strikingly beautiful women grace the streets, bringing joy to all who encounter them.

The women of PSU possess remarkable athletic prowess as well. For instance, Teniya Page, a senior guard on the women’s basketball team, received the WBCA Coaches’ All-America honorable mention, showcasing the caliber of talent nurtured at Penn State. Spearheading the university’s athletic endeavors is Sandy Barbour, a formidable and capable leader who has helmed the athletics department since 2014.

But it’s not just athletic achievements that define the women of Penn State; they also embody kindness and motivation, actively participating in philanthropic and career-building initiatives with unmatched enthusiasm. From resumé workshops to Straight Talks and self-defense seminars, these events are embraced as if their very existence depends on them.

Women’s Empowerment Week holds a special place in the hearts of Penn State’s female community, crafted by and for women to uplift not only sorority members but all women across campus. Through events that celebrate the identities and interests of women, this initiative fosters a sense of empowerment and unity.

Despite the bone-chilling temperatures of State College, Pennsylvania, the women of Penn State infuse the campus with warmth akin to the surface of the sun, making every day a vibrant and uplifting experience.

How to Impress Hot College Girls?

1. Start Applying for Those Internships and Get a Job

Women appreciate a man who can provide. Holding down a good job sends a clear signal of reliability and intelligence, indicating a strong work ethic and self-sufficiency.

Employment demonstrates maturity and the ability to handle responsibilities, qualities that set you apart from the average frat boy.

Moreover, having a steady income means she won’t have to worry about picking up the tab due to your unemployment. It’s a win-win situation that speaks volumes about your character and ambition.

2. Dress to Impress

If you’re aiming to make a strong impression on a girl right from the start, your choice of attire should take top priority. To elicit that coveted double-take, opt for something more than your everyday hoodie.

Consider donning a smart button-down shirt paired with well-fitted khakis. However, it’s essential not to go overboard by wearing something that feels unnatural to you.

Select clothing that instills confidence, as it will be reflected in your demeanor. And always keep in mind the golden rule: ensure that your belt matches the color of your shoes. It’s a small detail, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Surprise Her with Kindness

A little kindness goes a long way, especially when it comes to interacting with girls, particularly those who are attractive.

Hot girls often encounter rude and disrespectful behavior from certain individuals, so be the guy who offers genuine compliments and extends invitations for casual outings, like grabbing lunch after an Econ lecture.

Girls appreciate these small gestures, and they won’t go unnoticed. As Selena Gomez wisely put it: “Kill ’em with kindness.”

4. Know How to Make Decisions

One of a girl’s least desirable qualities? Indecisiveness. The key to winning over her indecisive heart? Demonstrate that you’re a man who knows what he wants, namely her.

When she seeks your advice, refrain from responding with “I don’t know,” as nothing unsettles a girl more.

Instead, be the decisive guy who selects the restaurant and helps her choose between outfits when she’s stuck. In essence, take charge and make choices for her when she’s uncertain.

5. Hype Her Up

Every girl appreciates a confidence boost from time to time, regardless of how confident she appears. But when you’re hyping her up, steer clear of basic compliments like “You’re pretty”—she likely already knows that.

Instead, focus on complimenting her intelligence, her sense of style, or her adventurous spirit. Girls love receiving compliments that acknowledge the unique qualities and actions that make them who they are.

6. Be a Goof

Girls are drawn to guys with a good sense of humor—it adds depth to your character. Inject some personality and humor into your interactions. Don’t be afraid to be witty and outgoing; it’s sure to grab her attention.

Embracing your inner goofball is key; being the quiet, shy guy won’t get you far with the hot girls. Instead, be the one cracking jokes in class, making everyone laugh with your spot-on impression of the professor. Who knows? You might just catch the eye of the girl you’re trying to impress.