Togo’s Allergen Menu


Togo’s, a renowned fast-casual sandwich cafe, makes fresh, flavorful sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Togo’s has a full safe menu that lists all of the possible allergens in their food for people who have food allergies or intolerances.

This menu helps customers order a great dinner without getting sick.

Togo’s makes sure that everyone can enjoy their favorite sandwiches, salads, and soups without worrying about their safety and happiness.

Togo's Allergen Menu

What is Togos Allergen Menu?

The restaurant Togo has a menu that has a list of all the potential allergens it may contain.

For persons with food allergies or intolerances, Togo’s allergen menu, which provides sandwiches, salads & soups, is essential.

The Menu includes major food allergies like dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, wheat & any other potential dietary irritants.

Customers can find safe menu items & decide what to eat depending on their particular dietary needs by consulting Togo’s Allergen Menu.

This menu is a crucial tool for making sure that everyone may savor the mouthwatering & healthy sandwiches, salads & soups that Togo provides without feeling ill or uncomfortable.


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
2 Ham & Swiss x x
6 Hot Meatball x x x
16 The Italian x x
19 Egg Salad & Cheddar x x x
20 Albacore Tuna x x x x
23 Salami & Provolone x x
29 Chicken Salad (contains almonds) x x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
9 Hot Pastrami x x x
10 Pastrami Reuben x x x x
32 Pepper Jack Melt x x x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
7 Roast Beef x x x
8 Roast Beef & Turkey x x x
33 Triple Dip x x x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
3 Turkey & Cheddar x x
4, Turkey, Salami & Cheddar x x x
5 Turkey & Cranberry x x
24 Turkey & Avocado x x
26 Turkey, Ham & Cheddar x x
31 Clubhouse Melt x x x
36 California Club x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
1 Chicken x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
14 Hummus x
15 Greek Veggie x x
21 Cali Veggie x x x
22 Cheese x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Santa Fe Chicken Salad x x
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap x x x
Mediterranean Salad x
Mediterranean Wrap x x
Asian Chicken Salad x
Asian Chicken Wrap x
BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad x x x
BBQ Chicken Ranch Wrap x x x
Chicken Caesar Salad x x x x
Chicken Caesar Wrap x x x x
Farmer’s Market Salad x x
Farmer’s Market Wrap x x
Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap x x
Ultimate Veggie Wrap x x
15 Greek Veggie Wrap x x
21 Cali Veggie Wrap x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Broccoli Cheddar x x
Chicken Noodle x x x
Chicken Tortilla
Hearty Vegetable
Clam Chowder x x x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Classic White x
Whole Wheat x
Parmesan x x
Sourdough x x
Spinach Wrap x
Gluten-Free Wrap x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Mayonnaise x
Italian Vinaigrette
BBQ Sauce
Sriracha (Boom Boom) Sauce x
BBQ Chipotle Mayo x
Horseradish Mayo x
Hot Sauce


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Asian x
Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette
Ranch x x
Caesar x x x
Italian Vinaigrette
Zesty Pepitas x x
Thousand Island x


Egg Fish Milk Wheat
Brownie, Chocolate Chunk x x x
Cookie, Chocolate Chunk x x x
Cookie, Peanut Butter x x x
Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin x x x

How to Use the Togos Allergen Menu 

You can usually find the Togo Allergen Menu online or at the restaurant.

Check the Menu for allergens including dairy, eggs, seafood, shellfish, peanuts, soy, tree Nuts & wheat.

Consider the menu items and allergen information to pick what to buy for your diet.

While placing your order, advise the staff of any specific allergies or intolerances you may have & request any extra information or explanation as necessary.

Always check your order twice before eating to be sure that any allergens have been left out; if in doubt, ask your waitress for clarification.

By using Togo’s Allergen Menu, you can make an educated choice about your diet and be sure that you are not unintentionally consuming things that could have a negative effect.

Additionally, the staff at Togo’s is always willing to assist if you have any queries or issues regarding the menu.

About Togos

In 1971, a fast-casual sandwich store franchise called Togo’s was established in San Jose, California.

Togo’s is dedicated to offering customers fresh, delectable sandwiches, salads & soups cooked from premium ingredients at any of its more than 250 locations around the country.

Togo offers hot and cold sandwiches, vegetarian & vegan cuisine, and gluten-free bread. The Kids’ Menu at Togo’s also contains kid-friendly dishes like Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches & PB&J Sandwiches.

All customers, including those with dietary allergies or intolerances, will receive outstanding dining service from Togo’s.

Customers may eat comfortably and worry-free at the restaurant because it provides a thorough Allergen Menu that covers all probable allergens that might be present in its menu items.

FAQs About Togos Allergen Menu

At Togo’s, can I place a custom sandwich order?

Yes, you can order custom sandwiches at Togo’s and request that any items that can trigger an allergic reaction be left out.

Does Togo’s allergy menu typically change?

Occasionally, seasonal ingredient availability or adjustments to the menu’s recipes may result in modifications to Togo’s allergy menu.

What should I do if I react allergic to something on Togo’s menu?

If you consume something from Togo’s menu and have an adverse response, go to the hospital right away and let the staff know.

What safeguards does Togo employ against contamination?

Togo adheres to industry regulations governing food safety and takes steps to avoid cross-contamination, such as utilizing different cutting boards, utensils, and processing locations as appropriate.

Can I declare any allergies while placing an online order?

You can specify any allergy information in the order notes box when placing an online order, yes.

Due to my sensitivities, am I allowed to bring outside food to Togo’s?

Because of liability risks and safety considerations, Togo’s does not permit outside food. However, you can get guidance from the personnel regarding which menu items might be secure.

If I forget to bring my EpiPen to Togo’s, what should I do?

In the event that you forget your EpiPen at Togo’s and have an allergic reaction, get help right away.

Can I ask the staff for suggestions or assistance in selecting a safe menu item?

Yes, you are welcome to ask Togo’s staff for assistance in selecting a menu item that complies with your dietary restrictions.

Is Togo a place where kids with food allergies can eat?

Yes, Togo’s has a special kids’ menu that details any potential allergens that might be present in each menu item for children with food allergies. You can seek advice and assistance from the experts in selecting a secure supper for your kid.

How are food intolerances and allergies handled in Togo?

Togo’s is committed to giving every customer a first-rate dining experience, and it accommodates food allergies or intolerances by offering detailed allergen information and creating special orders based on dietary requirements.


Togo’s Allergen Menu helps those with food allergies or intolerances order a delectable sandwich, salad, or soup. Common Allergies like milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, soy, tree nuts & wheat are labeled on the menu.

Customers can assure food safety by examining the menu and talking to personnel. Togo prioritizes food safety and uses separate cutting boards, utensils, and prep facilities to avoid cross-contamination.

Togo’s team also assists guests in selecting safe menu items. Togo offers a complete allergen menu and customized orders for clients with food allergies or intolerances to provide a great dining experience for everyone.