Pita Jungle Allergen Menu


Pita Jungle Allergen Menu: Making sure that their dietary requirements and allergies are taken into account when dining out is one of many people’s top worries.

A safe and enjoyable dining experience depends on knowing the components that go into recipes and being mindful of potential allergens. The Pita Jungle Allergen Menu can be used in this situation.

Pita Jungle has created a menu that is specially intended to accommodate different dietary restrictions and allergens.

Pita Jungle is a well-known restaurant known for its tasty and fresh Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

In this article, we’ll go over the Pita Jungle Allergen Menu in great detail, giving you an understanding of what it offers and how it satisfies various dietary requirements.

Pita Jungle Allergen Menu

Pita Jungle Allergen Menu

The Pita Jungle Allergen Menu was carefully created to satisfy a range of dietary requirements and allergies.

You can find a broad variety of delectable selections to sate your desires whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or have other special dietary demands.

Let’s examine the various sections of the menu:


Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Baba Ganoosh Dip Tapas

Chicken Slider
Chipotle Black Bean Slider
Chipotle Chicken Pizza on Greek Pita
Dolmades Tapas
Falafel Tapas
Feta Cheese Tapas
Fresh Mozzarella
Garlic Dip Tapas
Garlic Lemon Chicken Tapas
Glazed Chicken Pizza on Greek Pita
Hummus Dip Tapas
Hummus Trio Dip Tapas
Kafta Slider

Mediterranean Olives Tapas
Mushroom Tapas
Pesto Pizza
Salmon Slider
Shrimp Tapas
Spanakopita Rolls, Tapas
Spinach and Pesto Pizza on Greek Pita
Thyme and Olive Oil Pita
Tzatziki Dip Tapas


Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Hummus, Small w/ Pita

Hummus, Large w/ Pita
Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus, Small w/ Pita
Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus, Large w/ Pita
Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus, Small w/ Pita
Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus, Large w/ Pita
Hummus Trio, Small
Hummus Trio, Large
Hummus with Grilled Chicken w/ Pita
Hummus with Kafta

Hummus with Seared Ahi Tuna
Hummus and Taboule
Baba Ganoosh, Small w/ Pita
Baba Ganoosh, Large w/ Pita
Garlic Dip, Small w/ Pita
Garlic Dip, Large w/ Pita
Tzatziki, Small w/ Pita
Tzatziki, Large w/ Pita
Blue Corn Nachos
Gambas Con Ajo w/ Pita
Mediterranean Antipasto Platter
Mediterranean Cheese and Fruit Platter



Mediterranean Cheese and Fruit Platter, Gluten


Mozzarella Tomato and Basil w/ Pita Chip
Spinach and Four Cheese Quesadilla
Spinach and Four Cheese Quesadilla, Gluten


Caramelized Cauliflower with Tahini, Original
Caramelized Cauliflower with Tahini, Wood Fired
Vegan Hummus with Tofu



Vegan Hummus with Grilled Veggies
Vegan Mediterranean Antipasto Platter

Pitas & Wraps

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Mediterranean Roasted Chicken (Shawarma)


Mediterranean Roasted Chicken (Shawarma)

Lettuce Wrap

Falafel Bowl
Falafel Lettuce Wrap
Open Face Falafel Pita
Grilled Chicken Bowl
Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Gyro Bowl
Gyro Lettuce Wrap
Gyro Open Face Pita


Philly Chicken Pita


Philly Steak Pita
Spicy Chicken Open-Face
Turkey Pesto Bowl
Turkey Pesto Lavash Wrap
Turkey Pesto Lavash Wrap , Gluten Free
Wood-Fired Veggie Bowl
Wood-Fired Veggie Lavash Wrap
Wood-Fired Veggie Lavash Wrap , Gluten Free
Lavash Shawarma Bowl
Lavash Shawarma Wrap
Lavash Shawarma Wrap, Gluten Free
California Beach Bowl
California Beach Lavash Wrap, Gluten Free



California Beach Bowl W/ Chicken
California Beach Lavash Wrap W/ Chicken
California Beach Lavash Wrap W/ Chicken,

Gluten Free

Vegan Spicy Tofu Wrap
Vegan Pesto Lavash Shawarma Bowl
Vegan Pesto Lavash Shawarma Wrap
Vegan Wood-Fired Veggie Lavash Wrap
Vegan Lavash Shawarma Bowl
Vegan Lavash Shawarma Wrap
Vegan California Beach Tofu Bowl
Vegan California Beach Tofu Lavash Wrap
Vegan Pita Burrito
Vegan Chipotle Black Bean Pita Pocket
Vegan Portobello Mushroom Pita Pocket
Vegan Veggie Pita Pocket

Signature Entrees

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Mahi Mahi with Pita Chips

Wood-Fired Salmon Dinner
Wood-fired Chicken In Garlic Tomato Sauce
Chicken Del Sol
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Combo Platter w/ Pita
Macro Platter w/ Pita
Red Quinoa Salad with Cilantro Jalapeno

Hummus with Pita

Red Quinoa Salad with Cilantro Jalapeno

Hummus with Blue Corn Chips

Keto and Paleo Bowl with Chicken
Vegan Tikka Masala

Vegan Keto Tofu Platter

Wood-Fired Pizzas

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Chipotle Chicken Lavash Pizza

Glazed-Chicken Lavash Pizza
Lavash Pizza

Spinach and Pesto Lavash Pizza
Roasted Garlic Portobello Lavash Pizza
Kafta Pizza
Pita Crisp

Healthy Burgers

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Grilled Portabello Mushroom Burger

Chipotle Black Bean Burger
Chipotle Black Bean Burger, Gluten Free
Salmon Burger
Salmon Burger, Gluten Free
Broiled Fish Sandwich
Kafta Burger

Cold Salads

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Greek Salad, Small
Greek Salad, Large
Spinach Pasta Salad
Chicken Curry Salad



Vegan Mediterranean Tofu Salad
Vegan Greek Salad, Small
Vegan Greek Salad, Large

Sizzling Salads

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Avocado & Garbanzo Southwest Bowl
Lentil Fetoosh Salad
Chicken Pasta Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad
Falafel Salad
Wood-Fired Vegetable Salad
Yellowfin Tuna Honey Sesame Salad
Za’atar Dusted Wood-Fired Salmon Salad
Vegan Lentil Fetoosh Salad

Vegetarian Side Orders

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Extra Pita
Pita Chips
Fresh Fruit Bowl
Lemon Cilantro Mixed Beans

Protein Side Orders

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Chicken Breast
Shaved Gyro
Side of Kafta
Philly Steak
Side of Turkey
Side of Wood-Fired Salmon
Side of Ahi Tuna
Side of Mahi
Side of Shrimp
Side of Tofu

Seasonal Kitchen Crafts

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Lemon Chicken Rice Soup, Cup


Lemon Chicken Rice Soup, Bowl
Albondigas-Mediterranean Meatballs
Salmon Taco
Shrimp Taco
Mediterranean Ceviche
Labneh Dip Mezze Veggies and Chips
Wood-Fired Gluten Free Medchilada
Spicy Harissa Arroz with Argentine Wild Shrimp
Jungle Pao Chicken



The Amazing Hummus & Chicken Wrap
The Amazing Hummus & Chicken Bowl
Greek Avocado Salad

Soup du Jour

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Lentil Soup Bowl w/ Pita Chip





Lentil Soup Cup w/ Pita Chip
Mayan Quinoa Chili, Bowl
Mayan Quinoa Chili, Cup
Red Lentil Soup Bowl w/ Pita Chip
Red Lentil Soup Cup w/ Pita Chip
Soup, Curried Coconut w/ Chickpeas Bowl w/ Pita


Soup, Curried Coconut w/ Chickpeas Cup w/ Pita






Tomato Basil Soup, Bowl w/ Pita Chip
Tomato Basil Soup, Cup w/ Pita Chip
Vegetarian Chili, Bowl w/ Pita Chip
Vegetarian Chili, Cup w/ Pita Chip


Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Soy Smoothie
Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
Strawberry-Banana Soy Smoothie
Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie
Peanut Butter-Banana Soy Smoothie
Guava/Orange/Banana/Passion Fruit Smoothie
Guava/Orange/Banana/Passion Fruit Soy



Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Chocolate Dipped Walnut Baklawa
Baklawa Rolls


Rice Pudding Dessert
Carrot Cake
Turtle Cheesecake
Frozen Yogurt



Pistachio Cherry Chunk Gelato
Pistachio Gelato
Salted Caramel Gelato
Raspberry Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet

Kids Menu

Recipe Milk Egg Wheat Soy Sesame
Kid’s Broccoli
Kid’s Brown Rice
Kid’s Carrots
Kid’s Chicken
Kid’s Corn
Kid’s Cucumber
Kid’s Fruit Cup
Kid’s Garlic Potatoes
Kid’s Good Pita Bread
Kid’s Hummus
Kid’s Lentils
Kid’s Macaroni and Cheese
Kid’s Mahi
Kid’s Pasta with Butter
Kid’s Pasta with Marinara
Kid’s Pita Crisp


Kid’s Red Quinoa
Kid’s Spinach
Kid’s Tofu
Kid’s Tuna
Kid’s Turkey Slices
Kid’s Whole Wheat Pita

About Pita Jungle

Popular restaurant chain Pita Jungle is renowned for its healthy and fresh Mediterranean-style cooking.

Pita Jungle, which has outlets all throughout the country, is well known for its enticing flavors, varied menu, and dedication to meeting different dietary requirements.

You may anticipate a menu at Pita Jungle that accommodates vegetarians, vegans, people who can’t have gluten, and others who have particular sensitivities.

There is something for every taste, from mouthwatering falafel wraps and grilled veggie salads to tasty hummus and wood-fired pizzas.

Pita Jungle stands out for emphasizing the use of premium ingredients that are whenever feasible acquired locally.

A selection of fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grains are offered on the menu, guaranteeing a wholesome and nourishing dining experience.

Along with delicious food, Pita Jungle offers a cozy, welcoming environment with helpful staff members who are aware of dietary requirements and willing to help create a personalized meal.

Pita Jungle offers a unique dining experience that emphasizes both taste and wellness, whether you’re searching for a fast lunch, a family supper, or a place to hang out with friends.


Can I customize my order according to my specific dietary needs?

Yes, you can adjust your order to meet your particular dietary requirements. Pita Jungle can help you choose selections from the menu that are appropriate for your needs because they recognize how important it is to meet individual needs.

Are the dishes on the Allergen Menu completely free of allergens?

Although the Allergen Menu offers comprehensive details about probable allergens, it’s crucial to keep in mind that cross-contamination is a possibility in a shared kitchen setting. Pita Jungle takes efforts to reduce this danger, but in order to assure your safety, please let your server know if you have any serious allergies.

Are gluten-free options cooked separately to avoid cross-contamination?

Pita Jungle does indeed have separate fryers and prep rooms for gluten-free choices. This guarantees that gluten-free dishes are made separately and reduces cross-contamination.

Are there vegan options available on the Allergen Menu?

Yes, there are several vegan alternatives on the allergen menu. Delicious plant-based cuisine are available at Pita Jungle to satisfy the needs of vegans.

Do you have a separate menu for nut-free options?

There isn’t a separate menu for nut-free alternatives at Pita Jungle. To help you make decisions depending on your dietary requirements, the Allergen Menu offers comprehensive information about probable allergies.

Are the allergen-free dishes clearly marked on the regular menu?

Yes, Pita Jungle makes a special effort to label items free of allergens on their standard menu. To determine whether menu items are compatible for your dietary requirements, look for special symbols or signs next to the items.

Can I find low-sodium options on the Allergen Menu?

Pita Jungle provides a number of items with decreased salt content, whilst the Allergen Menu focuses largely on dietary restrictions and allergens. Ask your server if there are any low-sodium options available, and they will direct you accordingly.

Is the Allergen Menu available for catering orders as well?

Yes, Pita Jungle includes its catering services in its dedication to dietary restrictions and allergen awareness. To guarantee a secure and satisfying catering experience, you can ask for a copy of the Allergen Menu or let them know about any particular dietary requirements or allergies when placing a catering order.

Can I access the Allergen Menu online?

Yes, you can access the Pita Jungle Allergen Menu online at their official website. To evaluate the selections and organize your visit or order, you can quickly view and download the menu.


Pita Jungle Allergen Menu is a go-to place for tasty and varied selections when dining out with dietary restrictions and allergies.

You can enjoy a delicious dinner from their extensive menu without sacrificing either your health or taste.

Therefore, visit Pita Jungle the next time you’re in the mood for delectable food that’s adapted to your dietary requirements.

Watch your taste senses dance as you indulge in their nut-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan alternatives!