Papa John’s Allergen Menu


Do you enjoy pizza but also have dietary restrictions? If so, you may have been frustrated when looking for a pizza restaurant that may satisfy your dietary requirements.

Fortunately, the allergen menu at Papa John’s has you covered.

In this post, we’ll examine Papa John’s allergen menu in more detail and discuss its implications for consumers who have food allergies.

Papa Johns Allergen Menu

Papa John’s Allergen Menu

The thorough Papa John’s Allergen Menu contains every allergen that can be found in the menu items.

The menu includes a breakdown of ingredients and possible sensitivities such as MSG, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, seafood, and shellfish.

For the purpose of assisting clients with food allergies in making educated choices, the menu also includes details regarding the preparation and cooking procedures.

Item Peanut Tree Nut Egg Milk Wheat Soy Fish Shellfish Sesame

Crust Options

Original Crust
Thin Crust
Gluten-Free Crust
Crispy Parm Crust


Original/Pizza Sauce
BBQ Sauce *
Ranch Sauce *
Alfredo Sauce


Pizza Cheese
Parmesan/Romano Cheese
Asiago/Fontina/Provolone Cheese

Pizza Toppings

Italian Sausage
Canadian Bacon
Grilled Chicken
Philly Steak
Fresh Mushrooms ** ** ** **
Onions ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Green Peppers ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Black Olives
Green Olives
Sliced Jalapenos
Banana Peppers
Tomatoes ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Fresh Spinach ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks
Garlic Knots
Tuscan 6 Cheese Cheesesticks
Bacon Cheesesticks
Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites
Jalapeno Papa Bites
Chicken Poppers
Roasted Wings
Honey Chipotle Wings *
Buffalo Wings *
BBQ Wings *
Garlic Parmesan Wings


Garlic Dipping Sauce
Pizza Dipping Sauce
Cheese Dipping Sauce
Ranch Dipping Sauce *
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce *
Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce *
BBQ Dipping Sauce *
Buffalo Dipping Sauce *
Crushed Red Pepper Packet
Parmesan Cheese Packet
Special Seasoning Packet
Italian Seasoning Packet


Cinnamon Pullaparts * *
Double Chocolate Chip Brownie * *
Chocolate Chip Cookie * *
OREO® Cookie Papa Bites

*May be produced in a facility that utilizes peanuts or tree nuts (Product does not directly contain peanuts/tree nuts)

**May be stored in a facility that also stores other allergens.

How to Access the Papa John’s Allergen Menu

It is quite simple to access Papa John’s Allergen Menu. Simply click the “Menu” link on the official Papa John’s website to begin.

The allergy menu will then be displayed if you choose the “Allergen Info” option from that point.

The allergen menu is additionally available through the Papa John’s app. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, select “Menu” from the dropdown menu and then click “Allergen Info” to access the app’s menu.

On your screen, the allergy menu will show. You can browse it to identify the menu items that adhere to your dietary restrictions.

About Papa John’s

The first Papa John’s establishment opened in the United States in 1984. One of the biggest pizza companies in the world, it has more than 5,000 stores spread over 45 nations.

Pizzas from Papa John’s are well known for their dedication to using high-quality ingredients.

The company makes its famous sauce with vine-ripened tomatoes that are gathered and packed within six hours, and its dough is baked from premium flour every day.

Papa John’s menu has grown to include more than just pizza. In addition to the usual pizzas, it now has chicken wings, salads, and sweets.

By providing gluten-free crusts and vegan choices in recent years, the business has also made an effort to accommodate customers with diverse dietary requirements.

With accolades like “Best Pizza Chain in America” by YouGov BrandIndex in 2017 and 2018, Papa John’s has been commended for its proficiency in the pizza sector.

FAQs – Papa John’s Allergen Menu

What is Papa John’s Allergen Menu?

The menu items and ingredients on Papa John’s Allergen Menu are a list of those that some people may be allergic to. It is intended to assist customers in making knowledgeable selections about what to order and steer clear of potential allergens.

What allergens are listed on Papa John’s Allergen Menu?

Wheat, milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and gluten are among the allergies on Papa John’s Allergen Menu.

How can I access Papa John’s Allergen Menu?

Through the corporate website, one can obtain Papa John’s Allergen Menu online. Customers can also ask for a printed menu at the restaurant.

Are there gluten-free options available at Papa John’s?

For customers with celiac illness or gluten allergies, Papa John’s does indeed provide a gluten-free crust option. However, it’s crucial to remember that Papa John’s pizzas are made in a typical kitchen with a chance of gluten exposure.

Are there vegan options available at Papa John’s?

With its original crust, original sauce, and vegetable toppings, Papa John’s does really provide a vegan pizza option. Additionally, customers have the option to order vegan-friendly toppings on their pizza.

Are there any peanut-free options available at Papa John’s?

Despite not using peanuts in any of its recipes, Papa John’s cannot ensure that there won’t be any cross-contamination with other allergens.

Can I request to remove certain ingredients from my pizza?

Customers can delete particular components or add more toppings from their orders, yes. Any food allergies or sensitivities should, however, be disclosed to the restaurant personnel.

Does Papa John’s use any artificial preservatives or additives in its food?

In order to preserve its food, Papa John’s does not employ any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Is it safe to eat at Papa John’s if I have a food allergy?

In order to avoid cross-contamination, Papa John’s warns consumers about possible allergens. However, it is still crucial for people with food allergies to let the employees at the restaurant know about their dietary limitations and take the required security measures.

Can I order Papa John’s online and specify my dietary restrictions?

Yes, clients can place an online order for Papa John’s and include dietary preferences in the order notes. To make sure the order is prepared properly, it is nevertheless crucial to speak with the restaurant personnel.