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Although NIKE has gained so much name and fame in the market, the company is very well aware of the demands of the customer. But when it comes to demand, the company has to be aware of the changing needs of the customers.

NIKE has always provided the customer with a forum to provide their opinion about the products they are selling.

For taking the NIKE survey, just follow a few simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Click on the link for visiting the NIKE survey page


  1. Confirm the welcome notice which says that you are 16 years above and eligible for taking the feedback survey.
  2. Once you clicked on the Continue option, select the language you preferred among the four options:





  1. Enter the survey code provided on the receipt when you have made any purchase from the NIKE store.
  2. Once the survey code is entered, click on NEXT.
  3. Now you need to answer the questions based on your experience with NIKE. The answers you need to provide in the form of Ratings or you can say points from 1 to 10. If you provide 10 points that means you loved NIKE product and so on coming to 1 which says that you hated the NIKE product.
  4. If you wish to provide any special comment, that section is also provided where you can give your valuable inputs regarding your purchase from the NIKE store or regarding the services offered by the NIKE store.
  5. One the feedback is provided click on the SUBMIT button.

Since customer satisfaction is the most important thing which was considered at the beginning of the company, the same is still followed and whatever opinion the customer provides is always taken into consideration and the feedback team tries to take care of all the points and communicate the same to management.


One of the most loved footwear brands all over the world NIKE is a Multinational company in America. NIKE is the world’s largest company for making athletics shoes. Other than shoes NIKE also provides other products related to sports only like T-SHIRTS, JACKETS, GLOVES, HATS, GLASSES, etc. and this is the reason that NIKE is one of the most valuable brands in the SPORTS BUSINESS.

Not many people are aware that the origin of NIKE company was with some other name that was BLUE RIBBON SPORTS and the first shoes sold by this brand was through the boot space available in the car.


The business started in 1962 when Phin Knight while pursuing MBA from Sandford University thought about doing something different. This idea came to his mind when he was told to do an assignment of SMALL Business and marketing plan. Since Phin was very fond of sports and running, hence he started writing his assignment on shoes.

While he was preparing this assignment at that time only, he got the idea of making a shoe which is of the best quality but is affordable for everyone. And for implementing this idea, after completing his studies he directly went to JAPAN where he saw a good and affordable quality of shoes produced by a Japanese company.

Then Phin decided to meet the owner of that company who was making these shoes and he took ownership of all the rights of that company by introducing himself as the owner of BLUE-RIBBON COMPANY. By this time the BLUE-RIBBON SPORTS COMPANY was just an imagination of Phin, this company was nowhere in existence.

When the Japanese company told Phil to sell his shoe model to someone, Phil directly took that model to his SPORTS coach during MBA who liked the shoes very much, and later they both invested in a joint venture in the year 1964 which they named as BLUE-RIBBON SPORTS.

The first thing which they did after the establishment of this company was that they ordered 300 pair of shoes from the Japanese company and started selling them from the boot space available in the car.

In the first year of establishment of the company, they sold almost 1300 pairs of shoes with a profit of almost 8000 dollars. This profit in the next year reached great success which was 20,000 dollars.

And after a few years in 1966, the company BLUE-RIBBON SPORTS opened its first store and that was in California. And due to the high demand for shoes, they started increasing their distribution work day by day and that is how the company started growing into a successful path.

But later when the contract of BLUE-RIBBON SPORTS owner expired the name of the company was changed to NIKE, on 30th May 1971. NIKE was named after the name of a goddess of UNAN.

Around  1980, apart from footwear NIKE start selling other products related to sports like CLOTHING and TRACKSUITS. This launch from NIKE gave happiness to the sports lover and also to the fan of NIKE and NIKE become another name of fashion. And this is one of the reasons that by the end of 1980, NIKE occupies 50% of the shoe market.


Many famous players are taken for promoting NIKE, which includes names such as Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Ronaldo, and with this NIKE owned his own name in the Market everywhere.

Other than this NIKE is the official sports Kit sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team from the year 2005.

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