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Kroger Benefits Login @ www.mylifeatkroger.com

One of the largest supermarket chains in the US, having 1000nds of employees working with them KROGER always tries to maintain good relationships not only with their customers but also with the employees who are working with them or who are associated with any of their partner organization.

Valuing its employees and providing them with all the desirable things and fulfilling them all their needs is the responsibility of every organization. And it always makes a happy place in the heart of employees that their organization is taking care of them very well and supporting them by providing special privileges for being part of the organization.

Kroger respect and value each and every employee and as a token of respect it always provides the kind services which makes the life of employee really satisfactory and happy.

Accessing such benefits has been made easy by Kroger by giving employees access to an online portal termed as MyLifeAtKroger.

This portal is specially designed for employees to have easy access to all the facilities and services offered by Kroger. Only employees who are currently associated with Kroger have access to this portal they can log in by just visiting the link of MyLifeAtKroger and just entering the user Id and password provided by the organization.

These benefits include having access to payrolls, applying for long leaves in advance, checking any travel facility available, any kind of bonus or reward points, etc.

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To begin with, taking benefits from the portal, employees first need to log in to the portal and for login to the portal, the employee must have credentials for login.

Every employee who is working with Kroger or is currently associated with Kroger through its partners must be provided with employee ID or username. Employees need to set up his or her credentials for login by providing the valid user ID and setting up a strong password for beginning into the portal.

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For taking benefits from MyLifeAtKroger portal, employees need to follow few simple steps which are as below:

1. Visit the official site of MyLifeAtKroger also termed MyKrogerBenifits. The official site can be visited by clicking on the link:https://www.mylifeatkroger.com


2. Once you reached the site, select the desired category for which the employee wants to take benefit. Few of the categories mentioned below;

 Current Associate; The employee who is currently associated with Kroger by any means.

 Spouse or Domestic partner; Partner of the employee associated with Kroger. Kroger takes care of employees as well as their family members hence there is a special category named Spouse or domestic partner which provides the privilege to the partner of the employee.

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Retiree; The benefits provided by Kroger does not have any validity, it’s not that employee will get these benefits only till the time they are working it’s valid even after you take retirement after working for a long time in the organization.

Severance; If an employee wants to take a break from their working life but still wants to take some benefits from the Kroger portal, they can take advantage by selecting their category as severance.

COBRA; Any kind of medical or health benefits if needs to be availed then they fall under the category of COBRA. It is a health insurance coverage provided by Kroger, especially to all its employees.

3. Now, once you have selected the desired category the next step is to log in to the portal of MyLifeAtKroger.

4. And for log in to the portal, you need to provide a valid username or user ID and password.

If the employee forgets his or her username, they can get their user name by clicking on the link named “Forgot User Name”. When clicked on this link user will be redirected to a page where the user needs to provide some details like Last name, Year of birth and Last 4 digit of SSN number.

The same is the case with a password, if an employee forgets his or her password, they can set their password again by clicking on the link “Forgot Password”. And the user will be redirected to a page where the user only needs to provide his or her username and one link will be sent to that user name and the user can reset their password.

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Once the user name and password is provided click on the submit button and you can access all the benefits of Kroger.

But if the user has not set the profile for accessing the benefits of the My Life at Kroger portal then they can still register on the portal by clicking on the link “Register your account to access”. Once clicked on this link you need to provide all the details, as mentioned below;

  1. Username
  2. Password (Whichever you want to set)
  3. Last Name
  4. Year of Birth
  5. Last 4 digit of SSN(Social Security Number)
  6. Email address
  7. Secret Question
  8. Secret Answer

After providing all these details click on the register button and employees are then registered to the portal.

The portal has termed as MyLifeAtKroger with a deep meaning, this name itself says that employees must be happy with being part of Kroger family also another name MyKrogerBenifits is having a meaning that employees can avail all the benefits whenever needed since they are their own not of anyone else.

Although, Kroger has provided its employees good freedom of space to select any kind of benefit from desired categories it is also a responsibility of employees to maintained company norms and security and does not share their credentials with anyone.