Although the brand has earned a lot of name and fame in the market still maintaining the name and fame is more difficult than any other thing in the market and maintaining the same organization has to be very well aware of the demands of the customer what customers are feeling.

This not only connects the customer to the company but also makes the customer satisfied in a way that they are able to contact the organization and are able to share their opinion with the organization.

Taking the feedback survey is not a much difficult task you just need to follow few simple steps and you are good to go with the feedback survey:

  1. Click on the link provided below to follow the official website of the KFC feedback survey.

  1. Once you reached the official website of the feedback survey you need to provide a few details mentioned on the page which are:
  • SURVEY CODE: A server code is a 15 to 20-digit code mention on the receipt you have taken when buying any product from the KFC store.

If in case you are not able to find your server code on the receipt you are having, just click on the link and provide the details asked over here and you will get the server code.

  • TIME: you need to mention the particular time in the format hours minutes and seconds from the receipt received. It makes easy for the organization to recognize the product you have purchased and it makes easy to categorize your feedback on the separate product.
  1. Once you have entered all these details just click on the start button present at the bottom of the page.
  2. Now you can easily take the KFC survey and share your experience regarding the product the services and the quality of the food.
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Generally, the KFC survey motivates the customer to share as much information as possible about KFC experience. The main motive of organizing this survey is to seek as much requirement as possible of demanding customers. Few important questions included in the survey include:

  • Quality of the food they are serving
  • Quantity of the food they are serving
  • Are the items they are providing worth their price
  • The behavior of the employees towards customer
  • Any major issues customer is facing at a particular Store
  • Opinion about cleanliness and basic hygiene.
  • How was the visit of the customer and will the customer recommend KFC to his or her friend or not?

Before taking the survey, the customer must follow basic criteria for taking the survey which is the customer must be above age 18 and the receipt of the customer should not be older than a week.


KFC value the time customers are giving for this feedback survey and hence always love to recognize customers with the reward at the end of the survey.

Once you finish a KFC survey you will get free “go Cup reward” which can be redeemed at any of the KFC stores.

KFC rewards point also include $500 to $1500 which can be redeemed at any of the KFC stores and sometimes it also includes a gift card or a gift voucher which has some exciting gift for the customer.

KFC Survey Reference Links:

  1. Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Link:
  2. Talk To KFC Sweepstakes Rules:
  3. Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ Page –
  4. KFC Official Site:
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KFC Customer Service & Contact Support Guide


Kentucky fried chicken is also known as its most popular name KFC is the largest running food chain not only in America but all over the world. The fried chicken served by KFC is one of the most demanded fast food all over the world.

KFC is known as the second-largest fast-food running chain after McDonald’s across the globe.

KFC is also the subsidiary of yum brands which is also serving taco Bell Pizza Hut and wingstreet chains.

Although KFC is famous for its tasty foods but is also known for a slogan which is “Finger licking good”. And no doubt food offered by KFC is always as tasty as the customer has to Lick his or her fingers.


When the origin of KFC happened, it used to serve pressure fried chicken pieces which were made up of 11 spices and herbs but later with the increasing demand and changing taste of customer KFC has grown its products into a variety of chicken products which are:

  • Hot wings
  • Nuggets
  • Popcorn nuggets combo
  • Tenders

Being it a kid or an adult or a whole family KFC has a different menu for everyone. The menu for kid includes the following items:

  • Drumsticks
  • Chicken Little
  • Piece of the chicken nugget
  • Popcorn nuggets
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Drinks for kid includes applesauce and small drink.

Coming to the family menu the menu for family also has a variety of options available at KFC:

  • Eight-piece meal
  • 20 piece meal
  • Eight-piece chicken only
  • 20-piece chicken only
  • Chicken bucket
  • KFC famous bowl
  • Chicken breast and many more.

For chicken lovers, KFC is considered as the most popular brand not only for the chicken it provides but also for the kind of service it provides.

The service provided at KFC is very quick and the customers are treated really well in each of the KFC stores. The company has maintained its standard throughout the years and that is the reason the company has earned a huge name in the market.

KFC Map Location

KFC Social Media Contacts:

In case you have any queries or any complaints regarding KFC you can contact KFC on the below addresses and links.

Hope this information was helpful for you in case still if you feel that you want to know about the history of KFC you can always visit the link provided below.