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Running a successful restaurant always requires inputs and suggestions from time to time and JACK in the box is very well aware of this theory. The organization always welcomes the valuable feedback and suggestions of their customers.

For taking feedback survey of JACK IN THE BOX, the customer just needs to follow a few simple steps:


Although the company is famous for its burgers, the most liked product of Jack in the box is its taco. Taco is been sold since 1951 when the restaurant just started.  As per the reports, the company sells around 554 million Tacos a year.

Other than Tacos, the products which are most liked by Jack in the box include its egg rolls and poppers. These are kind of easy and sorted breakfast items for the people.

These food items are not only considered as tasty but also are healthy as well since they are made up of fresh meat. The company made these products in bulk in one place, generally in factories established in Texas and Kansas. These products are then freshly wrapped and transported to different JACK locations, which they are deep fried and served to customers.


STEP 1: To begin with the survey, just visit the official site of Jack in the box feedback form or click on the link www.jacklistens.com

STEP 2: Select your preferred language. The company has provided customers with two options, you can choose either ENGLISH or SPANISH whichever you feel comfortable.

STEP 3: Enter the 14-digit code located in the middle of your receipt.

Whenever you will visit any JACK store, you will always be provided with a receipt. Keep the receipt with you so that it can help you later in filling the feedback form. This 14-digit code is a unique code for every customer and helps the organization to identify the details of the visit.

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STEP 4: In the next step, you need to choose the location of the restaurant you visited.

STEP 5: Enter the date and time of your visit.

It must be a case that many customers do not remember the exact date and time of their visit. For that purpose, a receipt is helpful. You can see the exact date and time from receipt and enter details accordingly.

STEP 6: The next thing you need to select is the type of service you availed from Jack in the box store. Service type may include;

  1. 1. Drive-thru – It is a service provided by the store, in which customers can purchase the product without leaving their cars. Many a time customers are in a hurry and wanted to just buy and run, for them especially this service is offered where they can take their food without even taking their feet out of the car.
  2. Carry out – This service allows customers to buy the product from a store and they can have it later wherever they want.
  3. 3. Dine In – This service allows customers to have their food while sitting in restaurants, rather than taking food outside somewhere else.

STEP 7: Now you will have some questions in front of you as per the details you enter, which you need to answer as per your experience with JACK. You have the option to write anything, in case if you felt any kind of improvement needed or there should be any kind of change in the service offered, you can mention the same in this feedback survey.

Next, click on the continue button and you will be asked to rate the services offered by JACK IN THE BOX, you can provide a rating from 5 to 1.

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Rating 5: Rating 5 implies that the customer is highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of the products offered by the company. It says that the company is doing really good and need not implement any changes in the products and services offered by them.

Rating 4: Rating 4 implies that the customer is although satisfied with the products but still certain small changes can be implemented to make the services and products better.

Rating 3: Rating 3 says that the customer is neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the products and services offered by the company. It implies that the customer does not have any inputs to give but is also not really happy with the services offered.

Rating 2: Rating 2 implies that customer does not like the products and services offered by Jack in the box, it says that the customer is really dissatisfied with the company and wants many changes in that particular store or in the whole supply chain.

Rating 1: This is the worst-case scenario, where a customer does not like anything about the store and company. Also, the customer is not happy even with the services provided by Jack in the box.

STEP 8: In the end, you will be provided with a unique code that you need to write in the receipt with which if you visited the JACK store in the next 7 days, you will receive 2 tacos.

Customer feedback means a lot to an organization and also helps the organization to grow faster in a better way. Hence each and every input provided by the customer matters a lot for Jack in the box and the company always welcomes the valuable suggestion provided by the customers and try to implement best in their stores.


For being in touch with JACK in the box you can visit:

    • Phone: 1-858-571-2121
    • Email: Jack In the Box Email
    • Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00 AM to 11:00 PM
    • Official Website: www.jacklistens.com

      Jack Listens Reference Links

      1. Jack In The Box Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.jacklistens.com
      2. Jack In The Box official Site: www.jackinthebox.com


      Founded by Robert O. Peterson in California, Jack in the box is the American fast food restaurant chain, primarily serving in the west coast of the US.  It is primarily considered as one of the largest burgers selling chains in the US.

      Starting from 180 Basic restaurants in the beginning in 1951, Jack in the box is now serving 2300 Quick-serve restaurants in 21 states. The restaurants provide any kind of fast food items, with a special variety of burgers, chicken tenders, and French fries.

      Although Robert O. Peterson already was the owner of many big restaurants before starting Jack in the box, this Restaurant was definitely a new experiment with the already running restaurants. It was Roberts’s first fast-food restaurant and is running really very well.


  • Jack In The Box Contact Details

    Jack In The Box Inc.

    9330 Balboa Ave.
    San Diego
    United States – 92123-1516

    +1 858 522 4716

               +1 858 571 2121
               +1 858 571 2121
               +1 928 627 2276
               +1 928 722 5695


  • Working Hours of Jack in the Box

    • Monday Open 24 Hours
    • Tuesday Open 24 Hours
    • Wednesday Open 24 Hours
    • Thursday Open 24 Hours
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