Gattitown Allergen Menu


Do you enjoy eating out but frequently have trouble finding selections that are good for you because of food allergies or dietary restrictions?

You’ve found it! At Gattitown, we recognize the value of meeting everyone’s needs, which is why we have created an extensive Gattitown Allergen Menu.

We’ll examine the wide variety of allergen-free alternatives offered at Gattitown in this post to make sure that everyone can enjoy a wonderful eating experience without compromising their health or taste preferences.

Gattitown Allergen Menu

Gattitown Allergen Menu

Even though having food allergies can be difficult, you don’t have to give up the fun of dining out. We’ve gone above and above with our Gattitown Allergen Menu to make sure that everyone may eat without worrying.

Gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish, and other common allergens are among the foods on our menu that can be accommodated. Let’s examine the numerous allergen-free choices we provide in more detail:

Gattitown Common Allergens Guide

X = contains allergen O = Manufactured in a facility where an allergen is present

Soy Beans Egg Milk Wheat


Original O O X X
Pan O X X X
Thin O O X X


Provolone X
Yellow Cheddar X
White Cheddar X
Parm/Romano Blend X


Pizza Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
Ranch Dressing X X


Canadian Bacon
Burger X
Sausage X
Italian Sausage X
Spicy Beef X
Chicken (Austin market only)
Chicken (outside Austin market only) X X
Chicken Wings X X
Bell Peppers
Black Olives
Green Olives
Red Onion
Liquid Margarine X
Liquid Garlic Margarine X
Streusel Topping X
Apple Topping X X
Cherry Topping
Chocolate Cream X
Vanilla Cream X


Spaghetti X
Fettuccini X
Bow Ties O X
Penne O X
Rigatoni O X
Mac And Cheese X X X X

Pasta Sauces

Spaghetti Meat Sauce X
Marinara X
Alfredo X X X

About Gattitown

For visitors of all ages, Gattitown is a well-known restaurant and family entertainment facility that provides a distinctive and thrilling experience.

Gattitown, which has several sites, combines wonderful food selections with the excitement of an indoor amusement park.

Arcade games, go-kart racing, laser tag, and other activities are available in the energetic environment, providing families and friends with hours of pleasure.

The menu at Gattitown offers a wide range of delicious alternatives, including as tempting pizzas, flavorful pasta dishes, and delightful desserts.

Their extensive Gattitown Allergen Menu, which includes full information on allergies found in their menu items, also accommodates people with special dietary needs.

For those looking for a memorable and entertaining outing full of delicious food and exciting activities, Gattitown is the place to go.


How can I access the Gattitown Allergen Menu?

On the official Gattitown website, you may see the allergen menu. In the “Menu” or “Dietary Information” sections, it is typically accessible.

Are the allergen listings in the Gattitown Allergen Menu comprehensive?

In-depth details regarding the common allergens found in the menu items at Gattitown are indeed provided by their allergen menu.

Can I request a physical copy of the Gattitown Allergen Menu at the restaurant?

Yes, Gattitown often keeps printed versions of the allergen menu on hand in the dining room. You can get assistance from the staff.

Are there any hidden allergens that may not be listed on the menu?

Although Gattitown makes every effort to give correct allergen information, there is a small chance of cross-contamination. It’s best to let the staff know up front if you have any severe allergies.

Are there options for individuals with specific dietary needs, such as keto or low-sodium diets?

Gattitown primarily focuses on allergen data, but they might also include selections that are suited for particular dietary requirements. It is best to ask the staff about your particular needs.

Can I make special requests or substitutions based on my allergies or dietary preferences?

Yes, Gattitown makes every effort to satisfy specific requirements. The personnel will help you as needed if you let them know what you need.

Are there separate preparation areas for allergen-free meals at Gattitown?

Gattitown’s kitchen handles a variety of foods, but they take steps to avoid cross-contamination. It is advised to share your worries with the staff if you have serious allergies.

Does the Gattitown Allergen Menu include information about potential traces of allergens?

The Gattitown Allergen Menu emphasizes the use of foods that are free of allergies. It’s crucial to remember that due to shared equipment and processing spaces, allergy residues may still be present.

Can I trust that the Gattitown staff will be knowledgeable about allergens and dietary restrictions?

The crew at Gattitown has thorough training on allergens and dietary requirements. Generally speaking, they are knowledgeable and ready to help you with any queries or worries.

Is the Gattitown Allergen Menu available for all Gattitown locations?

All Gattitown establishments typically provide the Gattitown Allergen Menu. To make sure the menu is available, it’s always a good idea to verify the exact location’s website or get in touch with them.


People with dietary limitations or allergies can benefit greatly from the Gattitown Allergen Menu.

Gattitown makes sure that everyone has a secure and enjoyable dining experience by providing comprehensive information about allergies included in their menu items.

With their wide range of allergen-friendly selections, Gattitown has you covered regardless of whether you have dairy, gluten, nut, or other special dietary needs.

In order to enjoy your meal with confidence the next time you visit Gattitown, consult the Gattitown Allergen Menu.