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Established in retailing, later transferred to wholesale grocer Dollar General has established a name in the market with lots and lots of hard work and that is the reason the product they are selling now are of economic price and high quality so that the organization can continue to maintain its name in the market.

The brand is generally known for its “inexpensive” household goods and products. Being it water bottles sweet candies or any other DG product, the company always ensures that they are selling their best the customers at a very easily affordable price.

Dollar General feedback survey can be taken by just following few simple steps mentioned below but you need to be sure that you have the receipt which is the one you have received at the time of purchase from the Dollar General store, ready with you.

It is important for customers to save their receipt so that later if they wish to provide any kind of input or feedback, they can give details from the receipt.

STEP 1:  Visit the online portal of Dollar General Customer satisfaction form or you can visit just by clicking on the link:

STEP 2: Enter the details asked.

  • Time (The time at which you visited the store, time must be mentioned in the receipt)
  • Store Number (Store number is also mentioned in just side of the time in receipt)
  • 15-digit survey code (This code is one of the most important factors considered while taking the survey, this code is mentioned in just end of the receipt)

STEP 3: Once you have provided all the details, just click on the start button.

Now you can start with the feedback survey, here you can provide details of any kind of difficulty you faced in the Dollar General store. If you find any product not worth its price you can mention the same also.

The organization always welcomes every kind of suggestion provided by customers and make sure to consider and implement them on priority. That is the reason the company is able to maintain its trust for years.

The survey is organized basically to know how the customer felt when he or she visited the store. Being it a regular customer or a new one it is always important to know how they felt. The survey is organized into 5 different sections and customer have to provide their ratings on how they felt as :

  1. Highly satisfied: Customer should select this option if they felt that the store is running really very well and there is no need to make any changes in the workflow, they are following, also customer did not face any kind of issue while visiting the store or while making any kind of purchase from the store.
  2. Satisfied: If the customer felt that the store is running well and they are selling their product at a real economic price and also no need to make any kind of drastic changes for running the store better.
  3. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: It the case where the customer felt neither too much happiness and nor any kind f problem while visiting the store or while doing any kind of shopping from the store. It is like if the organization is running well, let it be and if not, then also there is no issue.
  4. Not worth: This case customer needs to select if he or she felt that the product Dollar General stores are selling is not worth their price. Either they felt the quality is bad or the price is too high for that specific product.
  5. Hated: This is the worst-case scenario, where the customer was not happy with any kind of service offered by Dollar General store. This condition usually arises if the customer finds the product is very bad quality and too expensive price or the behavior of a team member was not good with the customer.

Whatever customer felt; it is important for them to communicate the same to the organization then only the organization can take steps to improve it. And for making that communication successful only the survey is conducted.

Also, since many customers feel it boring to visit the site and provide feedback Dollar General surveys always organize some time to time gifts and surprises for customers who are providing feedback.

Any organization can run well only if the customers are satisfied with them, and for making customers satisfied it is important to know what they are going through, what is their requirements and what is the demand of the market.

If the organization is well aware of these factors then it can run very well and that is the principle which is followed in Dollar General Stores.

Dollar General very well knows that making its customers happy and satisfied is their first responsibility and that is the reason they consider this feedback survey as one of the major factors in running the organization and always ensures that customers are taking these kinds of surveys on a timely basis.

Customer Service:

Customers can contact the customer service at any time and through all the means

  • Phone number: 615 855 4000
  • Mailing address: 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville,

Tennessee 37072

The United States of America.

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