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Started from selling milk in few areas of Delaware country, Pennsylvania WaWa is now one of the third largest retailers of the food chain in Greater Philadelphia.

The company has originally struggled a lot while setting up properly but there was a different idea in the mind of the owner for selling milk which no one else by then has implemented, and that was the tried and tested quality of milk, this idea really worked well and the company started growing customers day by day.

WaWa started from delivering milk home at first but later with time customer preferred to go to the store and buy milk due to which WaWa started opening its store in different locations.

And opening stores in different locations and attracting customers with the quality and quantity of products they sell has made WaWa such a big name today in the market.

Interesting facts about WaWa

No wonder the name itself is enough to create craze among people to know about the company. But the company WaWa has a different meaning and a very unique logo.

This largest running chain started from Wawa, Pennsylvania hence is known as WaWa and the name of that place is termed as Wawa from the Ojibwe word for the Canada Goose which is taken from “The song of Hiawatha”. Also, the logo of WaWa is having is also having a goose in flight which the company has chosen to motivate employees for teamwork.

Products offered by WaWa

Although WaWa started from selling only milk now the company sells n number of products which include Chips, cold-drinks, soda, juice, iced tea, milk, etc. which are in demand for day to day use by costumers.
Key product sold by WaWa includes its different variety of Coffee and hot-breakfast products.

WaWa Feedback Survey || MyWaWaVisit

Taking the Wawa survey takes only a few minutes of yours but the results of this survey can be helpful for both the company and the customers as well. In case customers are not happy with any of the WaWa product or any kind of service offered at the Wawa store they can clearly mention the same in the feedback form.

The feedback form is not only for negative opinion or improvement, but if in case the customers liked any of the product very much and they felt the quantity and quality of the product is worth offered by WaWa they can mention the same also in feedback form/ feedback survey.

Below are the steps mentioned which needs to be followed for taking WaWa survey:

1. Click on the link to visit WaWa survey page

2. Once the survey page is loaded, you need to provide a few details to continue with the survey.
Survey Code and Store number
The survey code and the store number must be mentioned on the receipt you have taken from the store after buying a WaWa product. The receipt contains all the details regarding the purchase you have done.

  1. This survey code is a unique code provided to each and every customer so that it becomes easy for the company to recognize the customer with that unique code and also provide surety that customer has made a purchase of product from the store.
    3. Once you have entered the details asked, just click on the start button available at the bottom of the page. If in case it finds any wrong details updated then the page will redirect to the same location and will ask to provide details again.
    And if the details entered are correct then you can start with the survey.
    4. Now, once you entered the survey you will be asked a few questions with multiple choice answers and you need to select one suitable answer among all option. The questions will be like:
    @. How frequently do you visit WaWa?
    @. The primary item you shop from WaWa store?
    In this, if the option available does not fit your answer then a text box is provided where you can write your answer by selecting the “other” option.
    @.  Then you will be asked few questions where a scale of 1-10 will be provided an option starting from Completely Disagree to Completely agree, you need to select your scale mark based on your opinion about WaWa and what you feel about WaWa.
    @. Next, you need to give one or two words for WaWa which you think suits WaWa the most. The words can give a positive impact or a negative impact all depends on the experience you had with WaWa.
    @.  Again, the scale of 1-10 will be provided where you would be asked whether you will recommend WaWa to your friend or not. Starting from “Would definitely not recommend” to “Would definitely recommend”
    @.  The next question in the survey will be, which store other than WaWa you visit most frequently. This is just to have an idea about the taste of the customer and nothing else.
    @.  Next, you need to write a favorite thing you liked about WaWa. There might be cases where customer liked many things about Wawa, they can mention each and everything they wish. Also, there might be few cases where the customer did not like anything about WaWa those customers can also mention the same or can just leave the space by writing “Nothing”.
    @. In the end, an interesting session for customers is available, that is “GIFT CARD GIVE AWAY”, and the main thing is that is available for each and every customer who has given their valuable time in this feedback survey.
  1. You just need to mention your twitter handle there and the company will send you a gift card on the same.

WaWa always feels that customers satisfaction is the first thing they should look for, hence always tries ways to be in touch with customers and know what and how they feel. The feedback survey is a kind of communication which makes the company better day by day.

Wawa Visit Reference Links:

  1. Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey Official Link:
  2. Wawa Official Site:

Wawa Contact Info:

Wawa Customer service phone number: 1-800-444-9292

Wawa Headquarters: 1-610-358-8000

Email/contact form:

Wawa Address: 260 W Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063

Wawa, Inc.
260 West Baltimore Pike
United States – 19063-5699

Wawa On Social Media

Wawa Map Location

You can also visit the online store of WaWa for the details of the products offered by WaWa. For visiting the online store click on the link

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